#1 Final Fantasy XIII + Resolution 2715+1527 issue von aaronpawlak 28.04.2018 14:40


PC Specs:
Windows 7 SP1 x64
Intel i7-3770
EVGA Nvidia GTX 770 2GB
Corsiar Vengeance 16GB 2400MHz

I wanted to play again FFXIII on my PC since the graphics looks great, and i put the graphics at max (since the new update fixed that)I went to action and changed video size to Original, and start recording my first 10 min gameplay, so i went to watch how the record looks and there was some glitch, slowness and skipped frames, so i change video size to 1080p and record 10 min with not a single issuei guess something wrong with the action at more than 1080pany fix or help ?

Please help

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