#1 The PC issues that need fixing before Final Fantasy XV launches on Windows von aaronpawlak 28.04.2018 14:40


I bought this game on x1 long ago and I had no complaints but I stopped playing about 3 hours in because I had heard this was coming to pc and I'm the foolish kind of gamer who will buy something twice if it means something important to me.The important thing as far as this game goes was playing it at native 4k60 HDR on a 65 inch OLED 4K HDR TV. Even if I could only get 4k and HDR id be happy but if their implementation of 4k is somehow a port of the checkerboarding that the PS4 pro uses then I won't no part of it.Don't get me wrong I've played plenty of games that use it on the pro and while slightly softer looking than a pc game running native 4k it still looks better than a 1080p image upsample to 4kThat being said I didn't spend my money on a 4k capable pc so I could be playing blurry juddery games.Hopefully whatever they showed off was just a bad build and the final product meets expectations otherwise I simply won't buy it and I'll finish it in the Xbox one...unless they announce an x1x update then I'll play it there.

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