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Huge gape between the lowest classes and the top classes warrior hunter druid warlock would only appear before 3 wins or with a constructed deck very high, while the arena meta was paladin>mage>rogue<than paladin with priest as the ati-meta having mixed results but always having decent chances the update that twisted it even more, everyone remembers VF moved to hall of shame, that's not a big change, but the "weapons and spells are 50% more likely to appear" part changed it a lot, most classes weren't affected, for warrior it was good as they need their weapons to be viable and for priest and druids it was good cause they depend on their sweet spells but Paladin became the best class in arena as it got more chances to find buff cards that are very good in arena and all decks had at least 1 truesilver and 1 vinecleaver, spell dependent classes only got a lower chance to be complete trash like mage that is better with every spell it gets?

Please help.

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