#1 Why do you keep playing ? von LarryWalker 17.04.2018 15:30


I love the concept of Over watch, working as a team made of very special, original characters to get wins. Every heroes with their unique game play and Blizzard's constant work at improving the game. But I don't really play it anymore. I used to love Over watch competitive. Up until season 5 it was a great mode. There still were players that would one trick or throw. But that was a pretty rare situation and you could work around it. And gosh, that was fun, overcoming that one dude who doesn't want to help the team and win the game with the 4 other people. What an amazing feeling! I genuinely believe that up until Season 5 you could climb, just by trying every game, talking to your team and working towards victory.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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