#1 First Person-Shooters Offer the Worst Game Design von JensenBreck 12.12.2017 07:42


I wrote this article to reflect how I feel about the current state of FPS games. I'd appreciate it if others would let me know if they agree with this because it's something I've been thinking about for a long time. First Person-Shooters Offers the Worst that Game Design has to Offer

When you hear someone say they feel 'burnt-out on first-person shooters', it's not hard to see why. Simply put, the problem many of today's first person shooters face is their inability to engage the player in fun and satisfying gameplay. But it’s really much more complicated than fundamental mechanics. By looking at the modern military shooter, it will become more obvious. Games like Call of Duty, Metal of Honor, and Battlefield all have the same types of campaigns. They drive you through a linear experience without exploration, interesting worlds, or challenging the player's intellect. Instead they direct their focus on throwing you into constant firefights peppered with predictable fps tropes like turret sequences, while filling the gameplay gaps with loosely fitting narrative. After playing enough of them, you begin to realize how mindless and drab these games really are.

Imagine playing a Mario game with new backgrounds but the same level design on every level. This is almost exactly the same thing that these games do. They provide you with the same enemy type to kill over and over again in different environments that have little or no gameplay implications.

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