#1 How long do movies stay on at the cinema? von JensenBreck 11.12.2017 07:08


I recently bought my partner and I odeon limitless passes. We were planning to go and see Battle of the Sexes but havent got round to it yet, and I just noticed its coming off at the local Odeons to me this week. I will be able to watch it but my partner wont have time to see it now.

Do films have a certain amount of screen time, and is this available somewhere? We went to see Thor last night as I thought that would be off soon as it was one of the older movies on but thats still on next week. If id known I would have watched Battle of the Sexes last night and Thor next week. I guess more popular/blockbuster movies will stay on for longer but I cant find much on the Odeon website that shows exactly when movies are being replaced.

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