#1 Ps3 on computer monitor and speakers von JensenBreck 11.12.2017 07:05

Hi all,

I am thinking of picking up a ps3 sometime soon but first I need to know if I can play it like I do with my xbox through a pc monitor using a vga cable actually made for it (by Microsoft) and some adaptors so the two red and white audio cables (is it called composite or something?) can be used to play the sounds through my computers nice large speakers

can you do this on the ps3 without buying something that might not work from hong kong off ebay?

i would also prefer any solution to use VGA (or dvi because you can get dvi-vga adaptors that actually work) because i only have one monitor that uses HDMI and i cannot really put that one in my room due to it not actually being mine

For more details:

animated infographic video

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