#1 Design and Drawings done for carb manifold finished von JensenBreck 07.12.2017 11:22

Hi all,

I've been out of the loop for a year, when oil tanked I hunkered down and watched literally 90% (literally in the now antedeluvian sense) get laid off around me. But now things are on an even keep so I am dusting off projects. One was a carb manifold. This one is a dual plane. The piping is from a local tube bender, so they have legs, and thus there are a few fewer welds vs typical elbows, and fewer places for a potential vacuum leak. Bolt holes are outside of the main chambers so you attach the carb with a typical bolt and nut, eliminating the chance for stripped threads or a nut ending up in a valve. The best part, all flat parts are plasma table ready, so no machining is required, I can basically order a huge or small number, and dump the parts on any welder as a kit.

For more details:

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