#1 Headache when switching to vegan? von JensenBreck 05.12.2017 08:54


I'm a brand new vegan...four days. I've been a vegetarian for about a month, but the mountain of positive evidence for living a full vegan lifestyle have kept pilling higher and higher, and I finally decided that I couldn't ignore it anymore and needed to make the switch.

In the change to vegan, I not only cut out dairy and other animal products, but also out refined sugars, corn bi-products, and most processed foods. Yesterday and today, I've had stomach pains and pretty severe headaches. Is this just part of the detox process? If so, any guesses on how long it should last? I drink plenty of water (10-12 cups/day), and I eat a wide variety of healthy, whole foods, so I really can't think of anything specifically wrong in my diet that could be causing these symptoms.

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