#1 help with calories per day, bmr, and other misc von JensenBreck 05.12.2017 08:51

Hi all.

So I've been told that I need to cut my calorie intake if I want to lose weight. Kind of makes sense as excessive calories are the reason for me to be fat. But I'm not sure where to start, or better yet, how to start. I should probably start counting how many calories I eat per day anyway. Sounds like a dull task, but you got to start somewhere. Currently, I eat 4-5 meals per day and I'm not particularly careful what I eat. I don't consume fizzy drinks, nor I eat fried foods (very rarely). I do have a sweet tooth though so I guess I must say byebye to sweets... That would be the first step.

I was doing some due diligence and came up with the following plan. I am 188cm tall, 111kg and 39 yo and apparently, my basal metabolic rate is 2262 calories (using this bmr calculator, found here http://healthiack.com/bmr-calculator). This means that this is the max amount of calories I can eat per day, right? That is if I don't exercise and I'm idle. I was thinking of creating a deficit of 500 calories each day so I'm looking at around 1800 calories per day, divided among 4 meals. 2 big meals and 2 snacks.

For more details:

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