#1 Games crashing with no error message von JensenBreck 28.11.2017 06:26


I bought a new PC (specs below) and got through a couple of weeks with no problems at all, but a few days back i starting to witness this problem - games keep crashing to desktop, giving me no hint on what went wrong. Sometimes, it is less often (Rainbow six: Siege - more or less each 15 minutes), sometimes more (Dragon age: Inquisition - each 3 minutes).
It is not bound to the graphic settings (tried high and low qualities, turning VSync off and on).
All my drivers (including Windows) are up to date.
The airflow is pretty good (GPU doesn't go above 42°C (107°F)).
My PSU gives me more wattage than I use.


For More Details:

animated startup explainer

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