#1 Is there a mod that changes the map? von JensenBreck 18.11.2017 10:30


I enjoy this game, however to me the maps are too "busy", which makes it really hard to see neccessary things.

With so many roads/railroads/bright map colors, it is at times (at least to me) impossible to make out the border-lines, which means I sometimes get cut off from supply because I failed to see that my border was only one hex wide.

The brightness of the colors used for some terrain, combined with how much "stuff" that are drawn into the map, makes it (again, at-least for me) hard to spot units. Both mine and the enemies.

So, what I am wondering, is if someone knows of a mod that alters the appearance of the map, making it easier to spot borders and units? That is all I want changed...


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