#1 What tiers of play does the playerbase prefer? von JensenBreck 13.11.2017 08:52

Just a quick question for anyone willing to answer. A short, sweet, and simple “what tiers are your favorite to play?”
Personally I prefer higher tier gameplay, especially tier X. Guaranteed top tier and some really powerful ships to boot? Sign me up. Albiet the meta at those tiers is somewhat passive, especially with a lot of BB players, I enjoy higher tier play because I enjoy doing truckloads of damage, farming elite commander XP to jump start captains and retrain/respec existing ones as needed, plus farming XP and credits at the same time? Sign me up for that.Should you choose to answer, please do feel free to tell why you enjoy those tiers more then others. I do want to see multiple perspectives here, as currently I personally see no reason to play any tier other then tier X, save for premium ships


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