#1 How Does One Give to a Giving Tree? von JensenBreck 28.10.2017 08:10

It says something about conditions in a subforum when a mentor has to start a thread reminding members that critique is objective to the writing and not the writer...(Critique is Writing 101, it shouldn't come as a surprise. ) That in one breath some members want critique yet find an excuse as to why they are exempt from offering it...And how an entire thread of contributing members was reduced to the level of blatant idiocy...

From a writer's standpoint and that of an articulate human being...this is not okay. While no rules were broken, it doesn't reflect well on attitudes. Internet communities like WF flourish because of a steady balance of give and take. Lately, it has felt like a heck of a lot more taking has been happening and the giving has been taken entirely for granted. Entitlement has limits. Yes, members are entitled to two creative posts per day, but in reality should one take both and offer nothing in return? Basic rules of fair play would say no. And what of members who don't care for other members' opinions on a subject? Does that automatically make them stupid, their observations worth less than the another's? No. What about when members post, are they eligible for critique. Yes. Are they entitled to it. No. More critically, true critique is often viewed as worthless or seen as an overtly hostile act.


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