#1 would science eventually loose the plot? von JensenBreck 27.10.2017 09:01

now it has done l genetics space invasion/pollution, mutations, transplant, tube babies designer babies and freezing of body parts
it went over board when it wanted for human to animals mutation maybe, Frankenstein was not just a book after all,and now meat substitute that looks plastic fused in chromosome of other non humans form germed in the lab.
food is genetically modified and fresh is genetically sprayed for looks rather then taste. what is it doing to the human body?

so would science become a thing of a the past now it has done everything and anything there is nothing to the imagination to explore space being occupied. what is other generations to follow do or think if everything has explored and implored inside out? would boredom sest their ways because everything scienced ?
my prediction yes it would lose the plot because that is what happens to too much. it eventually runs out of fuel. grim prospect.

Maths in comparison is reliable and practical and does not interfer in the changing the face of the earth natural cycles.

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