#1 What are u reading right now? von JensenBreck 25.10.2017 14:44

I'm going along with the forum book club, so next I'm going to read the June book, Pride and Prejudice. At the moment I'm still trudging through the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the April/May book. I just finished Book VII, Chapter II (page 250 or so). I think the book is rather disjointed; instead of working scenic descriptions into the story, Hugo breaks from the plot entirely to spend pages describing every detail and historical fact about a building. It was tiresome the first time, and even moreso a dozen times later. So I'd say that's Hugo's major stylistic flaw: way way way too much time spent on exposition, and long breaks in the plot so that you almost forget what was happening. But, for what it's worth, he is good with language and there are some very funny scenes in the story.


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