#1 When is the last time you touched The Division? von JensenBreck 24.10.2017 14:03

So last year everyone was abuzz about the 'Destiny Killer' from Ubisoft riding the Tom Clancy name. The Division. The E3 bullshot suggested a quasi mmo third person looter shooter in a mid pandemic dystopian new york with mild cyberpunk/futuretech elements. What came out was a 'after almost everyones dead' typical 'ubishit' map filling busywork game suffering from Destiny's bad loot and bullet sponge issues of the time. That and no actual ending.

Most of us beat the story. Saw The Dark Zone was a real novel idea ruined by premade camping groups keeping zones on lockdown and for most the game was abandoned. It went on to add raids. A dedicated pvp deathmatch and pve survival minigame modes as well as a randomly generated underground activity in the season pass. To date i've not heard of anyone who stuck through all of this. Eventually it began to die off to nobodies real surprise.


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