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"Am I silly?I ain't silly.Meet thus of will I not promise?Don't say is 64 be divided into.Even if is 37 be divided into.I am also would like to.So.I promised minister Wang's condition on the spot."
"You Wu Mie.I how may do that kind of matter'"although Wang Quan Ren knows that Liu Sui's increasing what to say is true.But not and not and flustered and frustratedly jump out to"argue by reasoning".
The black cat has already really ownly forgets to named what.Or.Being his heart bottom would not like to think of original name.Because.That name represents from humiliate of in the past.
Black cat during the days in the university because of on the toilet wall dug bore peep an opposite girl urinate.The department chairman being urgently wet to come to turn on water just bumps to break.Hence be dismissed.Original that department chairman didn't also thought of thus malicious hand of.After all.Who young can't make some mistakes?
But when climbing of the difficulties of department chairman to in the wall.From the wall hole in see opposite, the the woman who peeps out the white Hua Hua bottom is the female student who just had materiality relation with himself or herself.Big thunderbolt.After carrying on some kind of moralses to educate to the black cat.Make him fuck off on the spot.
Someone can be because of peeping to have rapid promotion.Someone but can be swept floor to go out.The chance of life is each not same.All of everything is life in a sky.
Walk into a society the black cat behind a have no bureau chief.It is improverished.By accident see a news of job advertisement detective on a telegraph pole.
Detective?The black cat is very unfamiliar with this profession.
But once saw 《the Holmes explores case complete works 》 .Still once saw 《detective Ke Lan 》 .Should say that being some ories is basal._It is trying and want money.Hence black cat according to the address of top 78 turn of find out one to break office.From now on started his detective career.
A detective agency still hardly see.And character up also have no what special of request.More need not after the training of system._It be exceling to make interest with Zong to go.
And.The business of this year demand detective agency is also many._The industry investigates big milk of case that the personnel checks to seek a matter to investigate two milks.Two milk wants to is anti- to investigate
Oneself of black cat is such as water of the fish.Then descended to settle decision after getting hold of the first commission.His graduation energy.Will be dedicated to greatly for the big milk two the milks among service go.
The detective agency day enters a Dou gold.Black cat also the income is rather plentiful.Finally have moreover start a business of idea.It is very quick.He then became current black cat detective agency president._The black cat in this time is no longer the little novice who at the beginning just went in to go.After several years of the business toughens.He also has the prestige of He He in the industry now.
He and rich brocade king isn't for the first time to cooperate.Is previous and then do for him smoothly two affairs.The black cat knows his identity.The knowing him is the only son of the Tang's group pair president Wang Hou Hua Wang Jin show.This is a big fish.The black cat has been all treating very carefully._Quantity the affair do of make the employer satisfied.
This time again connect next he entrusts of a business.Combine 100,000 dollar movable budgets that got hold of the other party to prepay in advance.Take person's money.Prevent disaster for the person.The black cat handles affairs also and is regarded as frequently Ken elaboration._Go to after provide according to the employer of data.To target person leaf the autumn carried on analytical understand and draw up careful and attentive of follow a plan.
Change person every three hours.It is long-distance to leave to follow.Don't face to face personally with target person.A group of personses of black cat subordinate all pass by him to specially train.The ability should can't have a problem._And.Again have no what special of task to they.Needses to be followed and then goes.Even have no this targets the words of way realization.Also not qualified have this rice.
But the guy that is greedy for an achievement broke down his business.Liu Feng sees a leaf for autumn of the car stop in the wayside.Unexpectedly hurtle up to take photo on one's own initiative.Want to grasp to clap 2 people's car earthquake affairs in the door.
Liu Feng comes back to make collective report this after the event to him.The black cat lambasted him some kind of.It is one box on the ear to even still take out on the spot him.

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