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Wang Hou Hua isn't his/her own son.It is the facial appearance to Tang Guo to have no to pour allergic.But he by accident fell on to see intention to murder in his own look in the eyes while walking to come in from Tang Guo.
She wants himself/herself.With what?
The one face of Wang Hou Hua laughs at.
Sit all change direction view at his next Wang Quan Ren from department minister in market and a few other confident great commanders he.He was a town to certainly shake to shake head very much.Let everyone don't want to worried.Originally they also see out today the facial expression of this my daughter's child enemy opponent not.
Tang Guo Jing goes straight topmost carry of president's position.After death follow her assistant thunder-storm and secretary Mary.Be escorted by two beauties to show more at Tang Guo of the front of cold gorgeous moving.Is discreet in speech and manner intentionally the plank wear Zhang Lian's female baby face up difficult of of appear one silk dignity.
Tang Guo didn't sit down.But is a station to sweep to see a whole field on own position.View one by one in order from at public face up once sweep.Finally stop over on Wang Hou Hua's face.The voiceless consonant says:"The Tang is our Tang Jia's Tang.It is also everyone's Tang.Its benefits disallows any person who has ulterior motives to injure."
"Minister Wang.I want to know.Your body occupies Tang Shi Gao Wei.It exactly is the Tang's employee.Or the spy of another company.Why did you want to do the business of a damage the Tang's benefits?"
The whole field is shocked.Who have never thoughted of this young president to disappear a period of time behind.The first matter of coming back is with the war of Wang Hou Hua face to face true gun live ammunition.
Is too reckless.If there is no definite evidence.Not only can not beat the person of Wang Hou Hua's faction to sink this time.On the contrary will make them anti- one soldier.Later.Afraid is her prestige is sweeping floor.
All the full face of the persons whom Tang sends puzzles of looking at Tang Guo.They in advance have no of arrive some breeze.Even if want to match with her to say none of several s now|.Can they still not understand condition till now.The Ministry of Finance minister party that has been supporting Tang Guo's setting up east is also that the eyebrows is tiny wrinkly.Obviously.He doesn't agree with Tang Guo behavior like this as well.
Wang Hou Hua is just across the street Tang send a stem will get of the face facial expressions all kept on seeing.In the mind slightly Anne.See.Is this young president he or she to sink not to live to annoy.The affairs this time is just she personal direct.Isn't Tang Pai to grasp what hold collectively delivering of the empress dint.
Wang Hou Hua
And.The finger lightly buttons up shot marble table's top.Sit to immediately understand his meaning at his next long Wang-Ren.The facial expression is metal gray.Eyes small step doesn't let of stare at Tang Guo.Say:"President.I also approach a decade in the Tang's work.Don't dare to say much achievement.But work to also be regarded as cautious and conscientious.I don't know the matter is long whether listen to who whose Chan speech.It is suddenly horizontal to add to blame.Let me am very puzzling.If the president really has evidence.Is direct to take down my Wang-Ren come be.Also have no a necessity to like this add to humiliate."
Tang Guo is also cold face.Looking at him to say:"Do you want evidence?Good.I give you the evidence."
The words sound just fell.The thunder-storm and Mary that stands at Tang Guo after death immediately distribute the data in the hand to in each present board director's hand respectively.
"What to take is the business statement of the Tang's market department in the last a few months in everyone's hand.From October in last year.The business of the department of Tang Shi Da Dun market starts significant shrinkage.And the every month increases.Until now.The big market department and five months one-time business compares.Shrink 30%.30%.Was tantamount to lose the customer of the Tang's 30% a while.I want to ask.Be used as the minister of big market department.Does minister Wang have an explanation?"
Tang Guo sees everyone once seeing this data.Stare at Wang Quan Ren to ask a way.
Wang Quan Ren's facial expression slightly An.But still chicanery way:"Local market recession.This is the formative normal business shrinkage under the great environment condition.But|.The employee of department in the market has already made great effort.Fight for however other business enterprises.I is also dint without the reason."

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