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I ignite the fire, and I immediately feel that the scent is completely different from the usual high-strength scent of Double Happiness. It is a refreshing and mellow type. The smoke is spit out as usual, but the faint fragrance lingers in the mouth; then take a second sip, slowly Inhale the smoke, let the smoke linger in the mouth for a while and then exhale through the nasal cavity, you can feel the fragrance of the tobacco leaves slowly and relaxing, soft and smooth, sweet and pure, and there is no burning irritation in the nasal cavity at this time; continue on Three mouthfuls, two deep inhalations, the increased amount of smoke enters the lungs as soon as it enters the throat, with full impact, the long and sweet fragrance makes the fluid under the tongue, the fragrance of tobacco is overflowing, delicate and elegant, and the satisfaction is very in place, The rich and mellow smoke fragrance and the smooth and sweet taste make it extremely pleasant to smoke. A few more consecutive sips cycle alternately, and I feel that the smoke is thick but not strong, mellow but not stagnant, sweet and pleasant, and the grouping is also quite good, there is no feeling of choking, the aftertaste is clean, the aroma is pure; the second half of the smoke is still smooth, No obvious odors, pure throat and natural. The cigarette burns transparently, the resistance is small when inhaling, the burning speed is slightly faster, the soot is fine and gray, there is a slight ash explosion Marlboro Cigarettes, and the cigarette spontaneously burns for more than eight minutes. Personally, I feel a lot better than the listed version of "Guo Xi Tian Xia". This cigarette is a bit retro packaging, a major feature of cigarettes, it looks very comfortable and very strange, this is the V1 version, it seems that there is a V2 version of the cooperative cigarette Cigarettes Online, the appearance of this cigarette is still very amazing Cigarettes For Sale. This gold stream cigarette is a new cigarette. The price of this cigarette is not high, but it feels very good, especially its appearance, which is very festive. The smell of this cigarette is the smell of red wine and fruit candy, the smoke is full, the strength is moderate, the taste is slightly bitter, and there is a slight smell of raw smoke, but this quality is very good at this price. A very cost-effective cigarette, it is recommended to try it.
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