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How about Marlboro Ice Blue? Marlboro's ice-free ice blue is finally reborn, and Marlboro's ice-blue is a Chinese-language product. It is also designed for Chinese people. Only China is tax-free in the world, and Hong Kong and Macau have sales in three places! Its taste The coolness is cool enough, and the smoke is relatively soft (compared to black green and black ice), so it is also a favorite of many people. The price is slightly lower, and it belongs to a standing ration grade of cold smoke. So what is the difference between Wang Baolu Binglan and Wang Wanbao Road Black Bing? Marlboro Black Ice (sales difference between Marlboro Ice Blue and Marlboro Black Ice) How much tar is Marlboro Ice Blue: 8mg flue gas nicotine (nicotine): 0 Cigarettes Online. 6mg Review: Marlboro is the most imported one in China Marlboro Gold, this smoke It's full of anger, the taste of mint is just right, and the memory of the smoked must be fresh. When I first smoked this, I felt that there was an indescribable "senior sense". Loneliness and sexiness were released in the body with mint. People have an indescribable pleasure and rave reviews, but this kind of tobacco suitable for rations is priced at more than 22 in the country, and it is a bit expensive. In this regard, the price is still the benevolence, the wise see the wisdom Marlboro Ice Blue
The difference between Marlboro Ice Blue and Marlboro Black Ice Marlboro Ice Blue Tar amount: 8mg flue gas nicotine amount: 0. 6mg Marlboro Caisp Mint China Duty Free version, literal translation of cold mint, because the cigarette case has a blue part, it is referred to as ice blue, this This is the origin of Marlboro Ice Blue, so how much is Marlboro Ice Blue a pack, its reference retail price is 18 yuan / package. Evaluation: The mint flavor of this cigarette is very strong, but there is no special mint flavor. It is extremely comfortable to get in and out of the throat, with a little smell of flue-cured tobacco. The tar content of this cigarette is very low, indicating that its smoke smell is not great, and this cigarette is not very suitable for people who are used to smoking. The difference between Marlboro, Marlboro Ice Blue and Black Ice is different from Marlboro, Hard Ice Jug and Black Ice Burst. The difference between Marlboro, Hard Ice Jug and Black Ice Burst is the taste. Overshadowed by the smell of smoke, if you pinch the bursting beads again, you will have a feeling of cooling into the bones and rushing straight from the nasal cavity to the brain Newport Cigarettes.
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