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Eraquell is an Ivermectin Wormer for Horses.
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To optimise horses鈥?health and performance two things are essential Authentic Yan Gomes Jersey , effective pasture management and use of the correct drugs to break the life cycle of the worms. To optimise horses鈥?health and performance two things are essential, effective pasture management and use of the correct drugs to break the life cycle of the worms. As no single drug will kill all the horse鈥檚 internal parasites, it is essential to use the right product to treat the infection. It is recommended that a veterinary professional is contacted to help design an appropriate treatment programme for worms.

Eraquell is for the treatment and control of adult and immature gastrointestinal roundworms Authentic Brian Dozier Jersey , lungworms and bots of horses, including: Small and Large Redworm, Pinworms Authentic Trea Turner Jersey , Hairworms, Stomach Worms, Intestinal Threadworm and Neck Threadworm. Eraquell Wormer is manufacturered by Virbac Animal Health and the active ingredient in Eraquell is Ivermectin and the Dosing Interval is 8-10 weeks. Eraquell Equine Wormer is available as a Gel in a Syringe given by mouth Authentic Anthony Rendon Jersey , the syringe design minimises waste and makes administering easier, each syringe division delivers sufficient paste to treat 100kg of bodyweight and the syringe holds treatment of 700kg bodyweight.

Eraquell Horse Wormer is now also available in a chewable, apple flavoured Kevin Long Jersey , tablet, these come in a child proof tube and have 8 tablets each treating 100kg bodyweight. This Tablet can be given to your horse or pony as a treat, due to the flavouring they should just take it from your hand. Remember one tablet only treats 100kg bodyweight.

Horse weight should be accurately determined for the correct use of the paste. Eraquell Wormer Horses may be used in pregnant mares. In general treatment programmes it is recommend that Ivermectin Wormers such as Eraquell is best given April to August Stephen Strasburg Jersey , grazing season, targeting mainly Strongyles. Eraquell wormer is also recommended in October for the migrating large Redworm and in December for Bots.

Horse worms will lay eggs in the intestinal tract that are then excreted via the stool. This manure ends up on the pastures where the horse is kept. When the eggs hatch and larvae appear, they find their way onto the grass where they are picked up by a horse. Once ingested Victor Robles Jersey , the larvae will enter the animal鈥檚 intestinal tract where they will briefly hibernate before undergoing a change that will propel them into the next stage of life where the entire process will begin again. As worm larvae can survive in a pasture for over a year, a horse can catch worms even if it does not share a pasture with an infested horse, as the worms remain in the pasture or can survive in contaminated hay.

An infestation of worms can manifest itself in a variety of ways. The horse will commonly experience one or several of lethargy; weight loss; diarrhea; colic; loss of appetite; or a dull Matt Adams Jersey , rough hair coat. Although these symptoms are potentially signs of an infestation, a horse with an apparently healthy appearance could still have an infestation of worms. If it is suspected the horse has worms then it is essential to have it diagnosed by a vet.

Eraquell Horse Wormers any many others are available at or just click on this link Vetpharmacy is one of the UK鈥檚 No 1 online veterinary pharmacies and are very competitive on price and offer an excellent delivery service, orders dispatched within 2 working days. Vetpharmacy pride themselves in their excellent customer service Ryan Zimmerman Jersey , in all areas, provided by a team of dedicated and experienced staff. Memory Foam Mattresses for a Healthy Living

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