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Printer not activated error code 41 – To Get Ultimate Support
by archer · October 10 Ray Jackson Jersey , 2019

Printer not activated error code 41

聽Are you getting “Printer not activated error code 41” message? Find out how to solve the problem.

Printers are computer peripheral devices essential for taking physical copies of work done on computers. They are simple to use and majority of all operating systems come with printer set-up wizard pre-installed on the system. However, there are some problems that may come up while using printer devices. These include printer not responding, printer not at all working, printer freezing Phil Hubbard Jersey , error messages coming up with the use of printers. Error messages that come up while using printers are of different types such as Printer Not Activated Error Code 41. This problem usually comes up when the printer is accessed for the first time after system has been booted up. The reasons as to why “Printer not activated, error code 41” comes up on the system, includes problem with the printer software or printer drivers, incorrect configuration of printer settings Nik Stauskas Jersey , errors within the operating system installed on the system connected to the printer and more.

Following details gives users more information and tips to fix “Printer not activated, error code 41“:

Fix system errors Check printer configuration Reinstall drivers Fix system errors

Errors within the operating system can cause “Printer not activated, error code 41” issue on your system. The errors may be with the system files associated with the printer drivers or within some of the registry entries related to the functioning of the printer. All users having “Printer not activated, error code 41” need to check integrity of the system files on the operating system using ‘sfcscannow’ command in the CMD. Then repair the operating system with the help of the original Windows installation disc. Additionally Naji Ozeir Jersey , users must also clean the registry of the system using a registry cleaning software.

Check printer configuration

Incorrect configuration of printer related settings can also cause “Printer not activated, error code 41”. This problem is also known to come up if the selected printer is not set as the default printer to carry out the printing tasks. Users getting “Printer not activated, error code 41” message are suggested to check the printer configuration and also restart the printer spooler service that is running in the background of the system. This can be done using the printers and fax option in the ‘Start’ menu and service can be restarted using the ‘ ’ command under ‘Run’.

Reinstall drivers

Damage or corruption of the printer drivers installed on the system can also cause “Printer not activated, error code 41. Users experiencing this issue need to completely remove the printer drivers installed on the system using the device manager and then reinstall the printer drivers. This removes all the errors and brings back the printer to its normal state of functioning.

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