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Immediate Newborn Baby Care Tips Health Articles | September 1 Authentic Brad Hunt Jersey , 2013
If you want to take care of your baby?s healthy immediately after he is born, some factors are particularly important. These include the baby?s temperature, amount of food taken by him, and others. Th...

If you want to take care of your baby?s healthy immediately after he is born, some factors are particularly important. These include the baby?s temperature Authentic William Karlsson Jersey , amount of food taken by him, and others. These are some essential health factors of your baby. Mothers of newly born kids should be particularly careful in following the tips given below:

1. Keep your child warm just after he is born. You need to get him dry with a cloth and ensure that he is completely covered. He needs to be covered from head to toe. You can also place your child on your abdomen or chest to give him the much needed warmth. You may also cover the child and the mother with a blanket.

2. The newborn should be able to breathe properly. This can be achieved by clearing his mucous and amniotic fluid that can jam his nose and mouth. This is done usually after the birth of the child. With a suctioning device, one can clear the airways in the mouth and nose of the

3. Take care to breastfeed a newborn baby only when he breathes comfortably. If the baby faces problems even after his airways have been cleared, he should still not be forced to feed. Feeding the babies who have respiratory problems is fraught with danger and you are advised to avoid it.

4. As the baby is separated from his mother after the umbilical cord has been removed, it is important that sterilised instruments are used for it. You need to clean the cord and dry it very carefully. You should use only those instruments for cleaning the umbilical cord that are sterilised regularly with alcohol.

5. The doctor has to check the pulse of baby just after he is born. 100 BPM is considered as the normal heart rate of a newborn. If you find your baby?s pulse to be lesser than that Authentic David Perron Jersey , the baby may need to be put on artificial ventilation on the advice of the doctor. You can judge the newborn?s heartbeat even if you are not using a paediatric stethoscope.

6. A newborn lacks vitamin K. So, it is important that an injection of natural vitamin K of the dose of 0.5 to 1.0 mg is given a few hours after birth. This helps to prevent hemorrhagic disease. This disease affects on in ten thousand babies.

Follow these tips to keep your baby safe just after he is born.

The short story market is one of the hardest to break into. There are thousands of well-known writers pumping out short fiction, and thousands more just like you, struggling to get themselves published for the first time. But there are several things you can do to set yourself apart from the rest and start working your way to the head of the pack.

Attention to Detail

First things first, make sure your manuscript is professional. Use a plain Authentic Luca Sbisa Jersey , 12-point font, times new roman is the norm. Double-line space the entire manuscript and only left-justify your text. Use a minimum one inch margin on both sides of the page, and top and bottom. Put your name, address and contact number in the top right-hand corner of the coversheet, put your story's title and your byline in the centre of the page. Rights being offered should go on the bottom-left corner and approximate word count on the right. Thereafter Authentic Oscar Dansk Jersey , make sure the first three words of the title and the page number appears in the page header on the right-hand side. Place your title about two-thirds of the way down the first page, your byline immediately underneath, and start your story one double-spaced line below that.

If this manuscript was for a short story competition you would normally need to remove the coversheet and delete any occurrences of your name from the final draft. Though you should always check the competition's guidelines as some do differ.

If you can submit an error-free, professional-looking document, you will already have beat out all the dreamers who think they'll get their story noticed if it's printed on pink paper Authentic Oscar Lindberg Jersey , bordered with little stars, or hand-written in old gothic. None of these strategies will give you an edge; they will only make you look too eccentric to be worth an editor's trouble.

Choosing a Title

Though an editor may want to change your title, a title can sometimes make or break your entire submission. Don't alienate yourself by selecting a title like ?My Dog Rover,? or ?The Story of My Father.? Instead, go for something mysterious or edgy Authentic Cody Eakin Jersey , like ?Bark the Dead Down,? or ?The Meanest Old Bastard from Here to Melbourne.?

Know When to Take Instruction

Get on-line, not just for e-publishing, but for print publications as well. Find out what your target publishers are looking for in terms of genre and submission criteria, such as format and word length. You would be surprised at how many new writers will attempt to submit a piece that is 3 Authentic Reilly Smith Jersey ,000 words too long, or is on a topic completely unrelated to the regular content of the publication they are attempting to break into. If you can follow a publisher's submission criteria to the letter and are sensitive to what their publication is trying to accomplish, you will find yourself pulling even further ahead of the other writers.

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