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Acknowledging Emotions and Feelings Self Help Articles | March 14 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 2005
We?ll begin with a ... is a ... say it's ... you have an intense feeling or emotion about, ... so intense you would never cross its ... you ever crossed a m

We?ll begin with a question:

What is a moral?

I'd say it's something you have an intense feeling or emotion about, generally so intense you would never cross its boundary.


Have you ever crossed a moral boundary? It doesn?t feel good does it. But why? Morals are not a physical thing ? i.e. They can't be touched, purchased or photographed. They are an emotion manifested in a feeling; they manifest in the essence of your soul Cheap Authentic Jerseys , which, in turn, is the very shape of your identity.

When you cross a moral boundary you go against a very strong emotion your soul has, and in doing this you are defying your own nature and it leaves you feeling terrible.

So Cheap Jerseys From China , why did you cross that boundary? It's simple -- because you didn?t acknowledge the feelings which were of your own nature. Due to a lack of understanding of your own nature perhaps from a pressure imposed on you from your immediate surrounds.

How do I start to feel? It is simple. Start with a thought, not just any thought but an important thought. Try quietly, just for a few seconds observing your immediate feelings from a happening in your life; it can be simple or a life changing thing.

Acknowledge it by resolving that this is how you feel about this, but don?t stop there and close yourself off to it. Try to understand it Cheap Jerseys China , as it is a part of you and there for a reason -- your soul may be trying to tell you something

Acknowledging your true feelings is more than just saying ?Yes, I feel this way right now?. It's about feeling the feeling and applying thought to it, and coming to a decision as to whether to act on it or not. Acknowledge your feelings in this way and it will lead to a relaxed composure not only of your body, but of your thoughts and mind too.

Why bother with any of this? Well Cheap Jerseys , for one, acknowledging your feelings brings you into contact with the immortal part of your own nature -- your soul. This is important as it is your soul that guides you and shapes the world directly around you.

Because of this, victims will always be victims; unsatisfied individuals will never be content and those who poison their own good days with imaginings and nit picking will never be happy.

Feelings are an interpretation of events that happen to you in life; the interpreter is the soul and hence is the root of the feeling. Acknowledging these feelings leads you into contact with your soul and therefore a greater understanding of self.

Feelings and emotions can manifest tension in different areas of your body. For instance, there are sympathetic points in the sternocloidemastoid (the frontal muscle of your neck). When your emotions get backed up and are not dealt with Cheap New Soccer Jerseys , this muscle can become tight and lead to irritability, headaches and lot more.

Simply by dealing with a feeling, such as standing up for yourself can ease these muscles and save you from pain and suffering. This is just a physical manifestation of feelings, deeper feelings and emotions that are left in the ?too hard basket? can lead to lack of focus Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping , motivation, hypertension & depression.

When you become one with your feelings, you merge with yourself and are free to observe and enjoy life in all its glory. It is your feelings that guide you towards the meanings of the questions you are here to answer; they guide you to your niche in life where you are happiest and able to learn the most in the easiest of life?s ways.

For example, it is your feelings and emotions which enable you to identify your greatest love in life -- your own identity! Acknowledging them would lead you to take that on as a physical profession Cheap Soccer Jerseys Wholesale , and in doing so you dissolve one of the largest constraints of modern life ? work. In doing something you love you?ll never have to work again because every day is play!

Some people get a buzz from accounting, some from skateboarding, others from retail and still others from law. No one knows why or understands someone elses passion but that?s OK because they don?t need to!

It is the feelings and emotions your soul transmits to you that will lead you towards your true identity and the happiest life possible, and living a happy life is what we all dream about Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys , isn't it?

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